Since we commenced operations in 2007, Plan B has assisted a number of companies to expand their operations in Africa. This has enabled them to get up and running quickly by outsourcing the backroom processes to a skilled specialist with unique knowledge of African operational challenges. Plan B handles aspects as diverse as securing and negotiating consumables and engineering supplies, dealing with discounts and bulk supply problems, as well as supplier management issues, warehouse management, stock control and on-time deliveries.


At Plan B we focus on managing our clients' indirect and non-strategic procurement spends by delivering process efficiencies and measurable cost savings. Our procurement division is one of the best transactional operations in its class and Plan B invests in regular training programs to ensure that our buyers are in touch with the latest developments. New procurement models or strategies include widening the supplier base to make it more responsive and flexible. We drive efficiencies to provide our clients with exceptional customer service and tangible value creation. These services are measured by defining formal performance levels and include savings, turnaround time and on time deliveries.

Sourcing & Contracting
Operational Procurement
Logistics & Transport Management
• Advice on local rules and regulations
• Export financing
• Advice on country-specific, operations, health & safety, food safety and hazardous material laws compliance
• Back office administration support

Export Management
Warehouse Management
Inventory Management
• Product sourcing & procurement management
• Export administration & document processing
• Parts & spares availability
• Supplier relationship management
• Warehouse management

"We drive efficiencies to provide our clients
with exceptional customer service"

“Eliminating the hassles of sourcing goods and services”


• Research on commodities & suppliers
• Spend analysis & recommendations
• Electronic catalogue capability
• Contract negotiation & management
• Supplier relationship management
• Access to a network of accredited suppliers
• Low cost country sourcing
• Material planning and early engagement
• Export documentation & administration
• Logistics & transport
• Warehousing
• Project management (scope to execution)


• Eliminating the hassles of sourcing goods and services
• Best possible prices within agreed service levels
• Optimal solutions
• Economies of scale
• Improved supplier measurement and management

What is Supply Chain Administration?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of the operational responsibility of business functions and processes to a third-party service provider. As the thought leader in supply chain administrative outsourcing, Plan B can provide you with services from basic administration of one or two supply chain functions to managing your total supply chain.

Why Outsource?

Companies choose to outsource business processes and the administrative management of their supply chain for any of the following reasons:
• Limited exposure to international procurement trends
• Lack of significant purchasing power due to low value of initial procurement spend
• Management of the administration function is expensive and time-consuming
• Greater opportunity to improve profitability by focusing on core business
• Transparent costing structures on goods, logistics, warehousing


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